About Us

Gingers 4 Limpar Version 2.0 would not exist without the kind help of “Wengerball” a top Gooner who granted technical assistance for free.

Gingers 4 Limpar would also like to thank Gooner Adam Murphy for the “bruised banana” or “vomit kit” design that we’ve used as wallpaper on this site. Again, he provided this to us for free.

And finally we would like to thank Pose Photo for supplying the photograph on which the banner is based. Guess what – that was free, too. Follow him on Twitter, here.

Hayley Wright built much of the site, and Michael Evans designed the banner. His girlfriend may or may not have helped him. Either way, well done all of them.


Gingers for Limpar – @Gingers4Limpar

Irritable football obsessive, electronica fan, failed novelist. Likes: Anders Limpar, Sylvinho, Richard Dawkins, standing. Dislikes: Dirk Kuyt, the Labour Party, everything lilywhite, stewards.

Michael Evans – @Gingers4Limpar

Youthful wordsmith, style guru, former amateur music hack. Likes: Anders Limpar, Gael Clichy, British Sea Power, P.G. Wodehouse. Dislikes: John Terry, Rafa Benitez.

Hayley Wright – @HayleyWright

Poor man’s Angelina, failed academic, non-hairy biker. Likes: Anders Limpar, Bertrand Russell, Joe Estevez, Neighbours, chocolate fudge cake. Dislikes: Nani, Derek Acorah, twitching, happy people, Loose Women.

Jon O’Neill – @JonnyOneill

Cynical romantic. Likes: Anders Limpar, long walks on cold winter nights, Martin Keown, fruity yet masculine cocktails, Arsene Wenger, the view from the moral high ground that comes with following The Arsenal. Dislikes: Tony Pulis, wasps, Richard Keys, Man United, mince pies, Chelsea, social situations that don’t involve alcohol.

Tom Barac – @canadian_gooner

Professional amateur, amateur professional, Wenger apologist/usurper. Likes: Anders Limpar, Coca-Cola, Davor Suker, redheads, long walks by the beach. Dislikes: Pepsi, ‘Arry Redknapp’s turkey neck, Wayne Rooney’s hair plugs, long walks by the beach.